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Failed Association Test

I have a Dell Inspiron Mini running Windows XP Home, and a Verizon 4G MiFi wireless modem.  On Sunday night I was able to connect to the Internet, on Monday morning I couldn't.  The modem is showing 5 bars.  My Wireless Card Utility also has 5 bars and says "Status: Connected; Signal: Excellent".  I did some testing on the modem - restarted it, removed/replaced the battery - no change.  My smartphone can connect to the Internet using the modem with no problem which makes me think the problem is in the laptop.  When I run Software Diagnostics in the wireless utility it says I failed the Association Test.  Can anyone tell me how to fix that?  And how it might have just spontaneously changed between Sunday night and Monday morning?


Thank you,


Boston, MA   


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Re: Failed Association Test

Never mind - I just read Royan's post about McAfee updates and that seems to be the problem.  Thanks!

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Re: Failed Association Test

Hi Kevin,

Please follow the below mentioned steps that can fix the issue:-

1. Check if the 'internet' light is lit on the modem and router.

2. Tap F8 repeatedly as soon as you switch on your system to go Advanced Boot Options. From there you need to select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Check if the internet is working there or not.

3. Would also recommend you to do a system restore and take the system to a prior date when it was working fine. At times it can be due to the updates not being properly installed on the system. To perform System Restore click on the link below:-

You can refer the Dell Article 266454 on

4. If you have McAfee in your system, please follow below mentioned steps:-

a. Boot the computer in Safe Mode with Networking.

b. Run the McAfee Virtual Technician

c. Open McAfee SecurityCenter.Click the Updates drawer.Click Check for Updates.

d. Reinstall McAfee Product.

You can refer the Dell Article 576372 on or refer to this link for more information:-

Awaiting your response.

Thanks and Regards
Deepa R

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