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Getting Wireless Internet on My XPS720?

Hello, we have two Desktops, both have Windows XP. What I need to do is get my XPS 720 to share a wireless internet connection with the XPS Gen 4 which is in the room with the phone jack. We just moved and I don't know how to setup a network, but these two PCs were networked at our old house, but we didn't have wireless internet there, we used wires and a DSL modem. Now we have Comcast Cable Modem and bought a Belkin N150 Wireless router, which works on my sister's phone, I just need to know how to pick it up with my 720 in my room. Thanks for any help. I don't know much about wireless at all.

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Re: Getting Wireless Internet on My XPS720?

Monica Jade,


Your setup should look like...


wall > Comcast modem/router > Belkin wireless router > wired/wireless


The Belking should be setup to use these Recommended Wireless Router Settings, I use channel 11.


A desktop computer can be plugged in to the Belking wireless router and connect.  The other desktop needs some type of wireless adapter that will work with your wireless router. Since you have a wireless N router, to be able to connect most wireless devices, then need to use the wireless G mode, 2.4GHz. The wireless N mode uses 5.8GHz and if this selected, the wireless b/g devices will not connect. Unless this is a dual band router, you'll need to drop from the faster connection to wireless G to connect the devices, unless wired.


Some people will purchase wireless N usb adapters but the issue is that cell phones and wireless devices, like printers, game systems cannot connect.





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