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Home Network Problem

Hello all. I hope someone can help me. I have a Dell 1545 Insprion Laptop and a W3623 eMachines Desktop both running Windows Vista. I have a broadband 3Mb connection that both run off of. First problem, while on laptop the connection cuts out if my kids are on the desktop, and vice versa. I should be able to share the connection but it's not letting me most of the time.

Problem 2. I am trying to access files through my home network from my desktop through my laptop. I have files saved in the shared folders and have sharing turned on, but when I try to access the files it prompts me for a username and password before it will let me access shared files on my other computer. I don't have a username and password set up on my computer. What is this and how can I get around it to access shared files?

My desktop is directly wired into the wireless cable modem, the laptop has a wireless card.

Please help.


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