Hotspot Station On & Off?

I've acquired a new Dell Desktop Computer and it came with Wireless and the Hotspot Station for Network Internet Connections.  On my old computer, I had a Network connection for linking my Laptop in using a wired Linksys Router.  With the new computer, I don't think I need the router as my laptop has Wireless capability (I have used it in traveling, etc).  I have never use Dell's Hotspot and have been able to figure out the login/passwore procedures for login and security reasons.  But, once I log-in to Hotspot, what do I do to log off?  I did not log-in yet as I am trying to make sure I can log it off when desired without problem. 

Thanks, and once I get this, I am ready to give it a try with my laptop.


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Re: Hotspot Station On & Off?

Hi Gumboman,

I’d like you to know, that Dell systems don’t usually go with the “Wireless and the Hotspot Station for Network Internet Connections”. Therefore, I request you to provide me with details about the “Wireless and the Hotspot station for Network Internet connections”. Please tell us what hardware it came along with and also the Brand and the model number of the Hotspot network station. I also request you to private message me your system service tag number. To private message, please accept my friend request, click on my user name and click start conversation

Please do write back with the above details, so that I can help you further.

Thanks and Regards,
Kiran Kumar
Dell Social Media and Community Professional
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