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I am so mad!! I have Inspiron lab top with Windows 7

Last week I connect to my internet by WiFi!!  Now it will not work but today it was working for few minutes then it stop!!  I need to plug in the yellow ethernet cord from my computer to the 2wire AT&T modem so I can surf the net.  Can anyone help me fix this problem!!  I also check to makesure everything is up to date.  The 3 network adapters is Intel(R) WiFi Link 5000 AGN, Microsoft Virtual WiFi MiniPort Adapter, and Realtek PCIe GBE Family controller.  Do I need to change the seetings to these network adapters??




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Re: I am so mad!! I have Inspiron lab top with Windows 7

Try pressing Fn and F2, then wait a few seconds and press Fn and F2 again. This should switch off wifi and then switch it back on. This can fix alot of problems.

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Re: I am so mad!! I have Inspiron lab top with Windows 7



Try powering off the ISP modem/router and the wireless router(if any) wait 30 seconds, then power on the ISP modem/router. Wait 15 seconds, then power on the wireless router(if any)


Restart your coputer.


Can you connect?


If not, try running Finding System Information remove your product ID and post the rest of the information back here.





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