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I could realy use some help here... Im at my wits end..

I have an inspiron 8200 with a c840 bios so I can use my docking station. I have tried both the truemobile 1300 and the intel pro 2100 wireless mini pci cards. I have tried these on many different AP's. I am about tready to go back to my belkin pcmica card ( never had a bit of trouble from it). I was wondering if anyone could recomend a mini pci card that will work with my system. I am having the same problems as everyone else on this forums. I have spent my share of money and time working with and reading these forums. I have tried just about everything I could think of plus what was recomended by the fine people on this forum. All I ask for is a mini pci wireless card that will work with out any trouble. I have read that you can remove the card from a DWLAG520. I have not heard any bad press about doing this, but I wonder how many people have done it. Any help or leads that you can give would be great.


Thank you

BTW I am using XP pro

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Re: I could realy use some help here... Im at my wits end..

Even despite the WiFi Certified logo on different equipment, it is advisable to remain with one manufacturer when you buy a wireless NIC and router.  F W I W.
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