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IE8 and Adobe Flash Player

I have two Dell 8400s with XP and IE8.

I have updated the Flash Player on both to version I have verified that the new version is installed in Widows Explorer, Add/Remove Programs, and the Adobe website.

On one machine IE8 displays Flash content just as it should.

But on the other machine, no Flash content will display. The problem appears to be that IE8 does not recognize the new version. When I go to youtube the website tells me I have an old version of Flash Player and need to update.

When I go to Manage Add-Ons in IE8 the functioning machine shows the correct version while the bad one shows the old version. When I click the More Information link, The good one shows the new version and the File Flash10c.ocx, which is correct. The bad machine shows the old version ( and the File Flash10c.ocx. Flash10c.ocx is the updated file in Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash. The previous was Flash9c.ocx.

So IE8 still thinks it has the old version, but can only find the .ocx file for the new version. So no Flash content is displayed.

I tried uninstalling all Flash Player using Adobe's downloaded uninstaller and then reinstalling from their website. Didn't help.

Any ideas would be much appreciated!


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Re: IE8 and Adobe Flash Player

The best that I can suggest is to

1) download the adobe flash removal utility (again)

2) close internet explorer (use task manager to ensure that it has been completely closed)

3) remove flash from add/remove programs

4) execute the removal utility

5) try to reinstall flash.

If you have any antivirus programs which may be interfering with the removal, consider shutting them down.

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Re: IE8 and Adobe Flash Player

The simple, if not elegant, solution.  Create a shortcut to the 32-bit version of Explorer.  The "Browse" path is shown below.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"

To date, Adobe Flash only works in the 32-bit version of Explorer.  The Adobe site claims that they are working on  a 64-bit version. On my Win 7 system (64-bit), I have shortcuts to both -- 32 and 64-bit versions of Internet Explorer.  Now I can wait for Adobe to create a 64-bit version of Adobe Flash.

Hope this helps.


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