I have recently upgraded from IE8 to IE9.  Since doing this I have problems with some sites. EG.  On the National Lottery site when I try to play an Instant win the site refuses to complete the game.  On returning to IE8 everything goes normally.  There are other sites but this is the most obvious one.  I have just returned to IE8 in the meantime and would welcome any comments.


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I too have had similiar issues resulting in me reverting back to IE8.


Some sites simply haven't caught up yet.   If a particular site has its own forum/contact info, that'd be the best way to report the issue.   

If you want to try IE9 again,  try the troublesome sites with compatibility mode per the MIcrosoft article below.

I'm actually using FIrefox, not IE, but out of curiosity, I checked out the National Lottery Site FAQ's (I assume it's is the correct site).    The FAQ's are way out of date.  Under "I am having difficulty viewing" near the bottom,   it doesn't even list Windows 7 yet.

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