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ISSUE WITH XPS 13 9343 WIFI Windows 10 broadcom 1560

Hi there, i need help to solve issue with wifi on Dell XPS 13 9343 with Windows 10 clean install.
The Issue is  wifi access point signal  are low and instable and often some access point are not visible also when we are next to the  access point.
Same pc with Windows 7 works well.
Users complain with DELL broadcom wifi with below drivers:
firmware version Nov 23 2015 22:55:24 version 7.35.333 (r601503)
Now looking around i have found  a lot of thread about this known issue and tryed to downgrade drivers but with no improvement.
Tryed also drivers and but wifi doesn't work correctly
Trying with netsh under Windows 10 access point are visible but can't connect because under internet access are not visible.

In paritcular i have issue also to find BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot 8879 under netsh i can see hotspot available but not under internet access.
below my netsh wlan show network
SSID 2 : BlackBerry Mobile Hotspot 8879
    Tipo di rete            : Infrastruttura
    Autenticazione          : WPA2-Personal
    Crittografia            : CCMP
            Segnale                 : 97%
         Tipo frequenza radio    : 802.11n
         Canale                  : 6
         Velocità di base (Mbps) : 6 12 24
         Altre velocità (Mbps) : 9 18 36 48 54
Please provide us help with this BIG ISSUE these Laptop XPS 13 934 that has only wifi connection integrated.
Please don't hesitate to contact me for further info.


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