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Incredibly slow internet, only on my Dell device

Hi, I've been out of the windows ecosystem for a while and am having just a tremendous amount of trouble trying to find things that I had known where they were from 95-Win 7 and am thus just having a ton of difficulty figuring out how to fix this.

Basically, my XPS desktop on Windows 10 just cannot get a good speed. I mean 100 Kbps, like all the time.  My first thought was to complain to the ISP but every other computer in the house, and I mean everything (2 macbooks, an iMac a couple of iPads) are all reporting somewhere between 30 and 75 Mbps on the same connection.

I've updated all of my network device drivers in device manager, uninstalled my antivirus, switched off automatic updates but so far nothing seems to help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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