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Inrenet connection stops working after about 20 minutes. II

I am reposting a thread from 7 years ago which has got a lot of traffic but not yet resolved.


I am having this problem. My browsers stop loading pages after five minutes of surfing, but all other applications which use the internet (e.g. a VoIP program) work properly.


I'm using Inspiron 1525 Windows Vista, a LAN cable connection, and ESET NOD32 Smart Security (which includes a firewall) Windows firewall is disabled. I can't disable ESET's fireewall but I seriously doubt it's the problom since I used it with a DSL connection and everything worked fine.


Thanks in advance. Smiley Mad

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Re: Inrenet connection stops working after about 20 minutes. II

I am using a Dimension 3100 desktop with the same issues. First it was the onboard video and the dreaded BSOD. After disabling the internal and adding a new video card the problem went away. (Tried all driver versions new & old for the onboard card. No cure.)   For the last several months I have the above mentioned internet problem. After a re-boot I can access the internet any way I want. Within 5 minutes all browsers stop loading webpages, and my weather checker goes "offline". I can still use my email client to send/recieve but it is slower, and my YAHOO internet calling still works.

I tried disabling the onboard NIC and using a USB wireless connection. SAME RESULTS - EXACTLY....... 5 minutes, then no more browsing.


I plugged in my laptop to the router, wired & wireless. It works just fine for days on end  now. It is just the Dimension 3100 with issues.

Is this a BIOS or MOTHERBOARD problem?  It worked fine for a year, then problems......   Not Impressed,    Richard.

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