Inspirion 570 not detecting modem

It started 4 days ago when our 2wire modem showed no Internet connection & our ISP said they were having issues.  Now, the Internet is up & running but our Dell desktop does not recognize the modem.  I tried the run cmd command with no IP address showing.  I also went to the Control Panel, View network computers & devices but the modem was not listed.  I tried to install the modem but it wasn't detected.  Of course, I have shut down the computer, unplugged the modem and rebooted (MANY times) & went through all this with the ISP tech support as well.  He said I needed to pay for further support.

Do I need to bring my computer in to have it fixed?  Is there a virus that did something?  It's strange that all has been well for 2 years when after we had a few days Internet issues with the ISP, there's a computer problem.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Re: Inspirion 570 not detecting modem

Hi Deliladeli,

Would appreciate if you could provide me the following information so that I can help you in a better manner.

Is the modem we are talking about is an external or an internal modem?

Did you purchase it along with the dell system or installed by your ISP?

Since you have mentioned that the modem is not detected, do you mean it’s not detected in the device manager or the BIOS?

Did you try to reset the BIOS on the system?

Have you checked the BIOS version installed on the system. In case the version is less than A06 then would recommend you to update the BIOS version from the support site. The link for the same is mentioned below:


In case after updating BIOS if the system is able to detect the modem then try to install the latest modem drivers and then check for the internet connectivity.

If the above mentioned steps do not resolve the issue would suggest you to please add me as a friend by clicking on my username and send me the following information on a private message:

Service Tag (7 digit alphanumeric code ending with number 1) which you would find at the bottom of the laptop.

Contact Number, Best Time to Reach

Alternate Phone Number (If Any)

Kindly do not share the information on open forum.

Thanks & Regards

Prateek p


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