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Inspirion 7000 centrino wifi horrid and Dell costing me a lot of money for a 20 dollar part


I spent over 1300 for a dell laptop 7000 series which came with a centrino 2230 wifi. This wifi unit is a piece of ****.  all over the net you can read how this particular card does not work. how you have to delete newer drivers, and then reinstall the old one which then works.

i am a IT professional with 35 years experience and i adm getting very tired of having to keep reinstalling an old driver over and over. and now with win 8.1 and the newere win10 both will update this driver on their own without you being able to stop it, and so, my job is to keep replacing the driver for a card that was not integrated according to standards so that new drivers would work.

but today is the last straw.. i had my wife call and what we wanted was them to send us a new card for me to install and replace the garbage one that there are hundreds of claims on the net for. instead they gave her a three hour run around... in three hours she can make more than 100 dollars except that she isnt getting paid. they transferred her from place to place, did not offer a card, tried to get her to do a driver replacement which she cant do, and which by the time we use it again will be replaced by windows cause windows is doing upgrades and DELL requires you to not upgrade drivers and software to work right.

now DELL wants me to call tonight and i have work i have to do, and should i bill them for my wifes time, and my time too? this is making a 1300 computer cost me more than 2000. its not worth it as this is not a college book for some kid to watch netflix on, this was bought for me to do work on, and i work in research computing.  more time will cost me more money. and the clowns on the phone give a run around.

and for what? what amounts to a 10 dollar part? heck, i could have gotten a relly great wifi that i could plug in that would be faster than what i am trying to fix for a lot less than the money i lost today tryding to deal with a non US worker in another country who doesnt know what to do.

all we wanted was a replacement card, we would have even paid for the faster card and one that worked better and i would install it myself. instead we got hours of runaround, my wife loses billable time in her business, i am losing time now typing, and its ridiculous.

does DELL really think that i would want to spend a few thousand again on a product again with them? they USED to have such great stuff, great service and so on... but now?  they got cheap help that is basically cheap help...

here is a clue DELL... it costs less to send us a new wifi, even a better one, than it does to keep three people on your phones for more than two hours shuffling my wife around and pissing off a customer costing the client enough money that they could by 60 usb wifi cards for the money they lost dealing with you...

we need a new card, and i am writing to see what you will say

i am tired of replacing the driver everytime i use the machine or every few times

i am tired of being on the phone losing a few hundred dollars of income for a 20 dollar to 50 dollar part

i look forward to hearing the response that addresses my issue...

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