Inspiron 1525 WPA connection does not work


I am experiencing a really weird problem on my Dell Inspiron. All my other laptops and desktops connected properly.

I changed my wireless router from an old D-Link 624 to a D-Link 615 802.11N. The Dell is N compatible. Now here is where the problem happens.

  1. I cleaned out all wireless connections
  2. First on manual connection by "connect to a network" does not work.
  3. So I had to go through Network and Sharing and then manually select "create a wireless access point"
  4. I could add my SSID network but the Dell keeps showing the PC name in SSID and generates a passphrase
  5. If I change the SSID to my router network SSID and passphrase to the router using WPA, then it connects
  6. I set the wireless connection to WPA-Personal and the key is the same as the router
  7. The wireless connection is setup and I can browse the net
  8. Now if I reboot the Dell or turn off Wi-Fi and turn it back on then it cannot connect automatically
  9. By going back to step 2, it does not work and I have to start all over again from step 3

The Dell 1525 does not work in WPA mode. I found the connection would drop arbitarily as well. So since my D-Link 6124 with WEP worked fine before, here is what I did.


  1. Logs from WPA D-Link 615 show Dell laptop transmitting duplicate packets and dropping packets
  2. So fedup trying to get Dell to work, I daisy chained my D-Link 624 from D-Link 615
  3. D-Link 624 only supports WEP so configured it to use a different IP address, because my other laptops work well with the D-Link 615 WPA / Wireless N
  4. Setup the connection with D-Link 624 ...
    1. Dell actually recognizes the wireless connection on its own - it did not when trying WPA with D-Link 615
    2. Dell does not pop up its own SSID (PC name) and generated its own passphrase before with D-Link 615 WPA
    3. I just entered the WEP key and it was setup
    4. Reboot works fine and  there is no arbitary drop of the connection
  5. Other laptops continue to work well off the D-Link 615 with WPA - no problem on their rebooting
  6. The two networks are separate entirely because Dell does not work - beats the purpose of having a single wireless router
  7. Works but now its a pain to have my laptops going through two wireless routers and printing on my wireless printer
  8. New drivers posted in download for 1505 Wireless N Adapter do not work as well in WPA mode

MY CONCLUSION: Dell does not support WPA although it is published that the wireless adapter supports Wireless N, The behavior is flaky as the connection drops sometimes even sitting right next to the router. So I don't think they work with Wireless N routers or WPA. They only support WEP shown from above behavior. Other manufacturer laptop devices connect with the new WPA connection with no problem Some of them were purchased 6 months prior to the 1525.

DELL: Can you post how this will be fixed because I only want a single Wireless N router, which the 1525 should be capable of doing. There are a lot of blogs posting the same problem around WPA support for 1525 and other devices.

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