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Inspiron 1525 wireless issue


I have an inspiron 1525 with Vista home premium/XP Professional/Ubuntu 9.10 installed (multiboot). It is upgraded in vista/XP to the latest upgrades.

This is what I have noticed:

When I have wireless on and the laptop goes to sleep due to inactivity, it doesn't come up after the power button is pressed. Infact, there is no response, not even the customary flashing of all blue lights on the dvd play bar on top. After pressing the power button for 5-7 seconds, I was able to shutdown the laptop.

After this it did not boot in Vista. My XP had already crashed due to the same phenomenon earlier. In safe mode, it stopped at loading crcdrive.sys. This has happened in XP atleast 4 times and I have had to reinstall the OS. But this time I booted into ubuntu, ran the ntfs repair command available with ubuntu and rebooted into Vista. IT booted, did scandisk, which I let it complete, and the system was back up.

Is this a known issue with this laptop and is there a solution for the same? I have not used my wireless since and not faced any problems. Am a little scared to use the wireless for testing as I don't want the OS to crash beyond repair.

Any help will be appreciated.


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