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Inspiron 15R intel centrino wireless-n 2230 issues

Hello everyone,

after six months of googlin, seeking for help and reinstalling the system, i am still hopeless with this problem.

Lets summarize it:

Dell Inspiron 5521

Windows 10 HOME, 1511, 64bit

Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230

Current driver: Intel, 06.01.2015


After few minutes connected (sometimes it holds more then 20 min, but sometimes it connect after restart, but before i can even start browser, it drops) wifi drops connection. When I try automaticaly recover wifi connection, sometimes it just said "bad gateway" and works well for next few minutes. But mostly it tries to restart wifi adapter. Then this happens: adapter have issue (can't start or find driver) or this recover uninstall adapter driver. Then i have to restart pc, it will instal driver and everythink happens again.

This problem occurs after some actualization from Windows early after upgrading from Win 8 to Win 8.1.

I've tried:

Resolve it with power managing - doesn't help.

Tries newest/oldes driver from Dell suport and from Intel websites. Doesn't help.

I can't install Intel software for wifi because some issues during installation.

Install brand new Windows 10, 64bit with new drivers. No change.

I've read many topics about this. Nothink helps. I had this problem about 3 month before, but i did somethink (have no idea what) and problem disappear for cca 2 months. Now it's back.

I've tried use your troubleshooting web app and automatical driver actualization. It provides me some wlan-report with some errors. But it is useless for me.

Please help me,

thank you

Petr Bincik

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RE: Inspiron 15R intel centrino wireless-n 2230 issues

Moře info:

I've tried some "netsh" command, but it doesn't seems to be my problem.

Some weird thing - when I've got disconnected, in table of wifi networks, there is only one available (current one I am connected in), even if there should me atleast 10+. When I manually disconnect from this wifi, power button for wifi goes crazy. It don't wanna turn off, it just show it's on, but no avaible wifi to connect. Then I check device manager and there is a problem with wifi adapter. Can't start adapter, windows can't find files.

After I try automatically recover connection, the driver disappear and it says there is no driver.

I am really lost there. Will be happy for any advice.

Thank you a lot,


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RE: Inspiron 15R intel centrino wireless-n 2230 issues

So, guys, for these what have same or similar problem, i maybe find an solution. Weel, i dont know yet, but hope.

As first thing i've done - uninstall every driver which do anythink with network (in my case - bluetooth driver, wifi card driver and ethernet driver).

Then i've downloaded from Dell sites Realtek PCIe Family Controller (version 10.1.505.2015).

After installation of this driver, each other driver (wifi card and bluetooth) were installed aswell.

Then disabling power savings for ethernet and wifi driver.

After these steps, my connection get better. It last almost 2 hours to drop. And sometimes it just said bad gateway and works well for next hour.

But now, i've tried some other things and it seems to be stable now (time will show).

In ethernet card properties I've change speed & duplex mode to Auto Negotiation.

I've found somethink which might help aswell (if the problem persist) - here it is f- rom Reddit author genjafly420:

I had this issue and it ended up being a memory leak having to do with Windows NDU, do you have a Realtek or Killer Ethernet card by any chance?

If you do try this, its what fixed it for me after having the issue for months I finally found the solution online HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\Ndu

Change the Start value to 4 (for disable).


Source: eightforums.com/performance-maintenance/22022-windows-8-memory-management-leaks-5.html


Hope this will help somebody 🙂

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RE: Inspiron 15R intel centrino wireless-n 2230 issues

I'm not certain, but I think that is same Wifi-BT card we have in one of our N5110's ( 15R).

I found disabling the Bluetooth fixed the ethernet dropouts.

This only started after upgraded to Win10.

Might be worth a try.

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RE: Inspiron 15R intel centrino wireless-n 2230 issues

Thanks for reply.

I've already try this. But I think I totaly messed up my drivers at all 😕

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