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Inspiron 3647, DW1705, Windows 7, No connection?

Just purchased Inspiron 3647 Windows 7 Home Premium with a Dell wireless 1705 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) card. Taskbar shows No Wireless Connections Available (Red X).  If I plug a RJ45 cable into a router, I have Internet access. When I ran the diagnostics on the Wireless connection it said I needed to turn on the switch on the front or side of the computer or use the Function Keys to Turn on wireless capability. There is no switch and the Function Keys have no symbols. Tech support says I have to do all the latest Windows Updates. Done, still no wireless connections. I downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the network card from the Dell website, no wireless connections. I uninstalled the Dell Wireless in Network Adapter, rebooted, the card was re-installed, no wireless connections. I disabled the Wireless Network Connection and then enabled it, no wireless connections. Any ideas of how am I going to enable the Wireless capability on this desktop?


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RE: Inspiron 3647, DW1705, Windows 7, No connection?

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