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Inspiron 6400 wireless troubles

Help! I have new router from talktalk with wireless capability. Ive set it up and got broadband, but computer tells me it cant find my wireless network. Talktalk have done some checks and have suggested it may be a problem with my machine and its wireless setup/capability. Im confused because I seem to find neighbours networks and my husbands apple phone can use our new wireless network. WHAT is going on. I am in a hole!! Ive pressed FnF2.

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Re: Inspiron 6400 wireless troubles

If you have security enabled, then disable it and see if you can get a connection first. If you SSID is disabled then enable it and see if you can get a connection.


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Re: Inspiron 6400 wireless troubles

I have a new inspiron 530s and had huge issues getting the wireless to connect to my netgear router.

Eventually I uninstalled the wireless card in the device manager and reset the computer.

Vista found the device and installed it with the right drivers and it's worked fine since.

Maybe give it a go?


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