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 I just did a fresh install of Windows 7 (x64) on Dell laptop- Dell Inspiron N5110 . I did not rebuild it from the factory restore disc as that failed to work.

The installation is complete. I am trying To get my Wi-Fi to work by pressing FN+F2 however it is not working, the Bluetooth icon appears instead which doesn’t work either.

I have tried to look for the wifi adapter in the device manager, but it does not exist in the list.

I understand that I have to install the drivers. Will that do the trick? I also don’t know what the name of the wifi adapter is, so don’t know which driver to install.

Please could you help.

Many thanks,


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Re: Inspiron N5110 Wifi Drivers

Hi Adam,

Enter the BIOS set up and ensure the Wi-fi is enabled. (Start the system and press the F2 key on the Dell logo screen to enter the BIOS setup)

On the Dell support site, enter the service tag and choose the operating system to narrow down the search for the correct drivers or click on the link given below and select 'current configuration' and it will list the hardware specifications of the system you are working on:


Please be informed after the operating system is re-installed, it is important to install the drivers in the correct order. The Notebook system software needs to be installed first. For more info on how to install driver, check this link:


For the Fn+F2 keys to work, Quick set application needs to be installed. Use this below given link to install Quick set:


Do reply with the results.

Thanks and Regards
Satya P
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