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Installing WMCore Service [ E6400]



I'm trying to get the Dell Mobile Broadband Manager running on a Lat E6400 running XP SP3 fully updated. I have it installed but it won't see the device. All the drivers are up to date. I noticed in the additional information section that it says that you need to ensure both the drivers and the WMCore Service are pre-installed. I haven't a clue how to install the WMCore Service.

Could anybody help?

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Re: Installing WMCore Service [ E6400]

Got it - the WMCore service is supplied from the Dell Website for those machines designed for XP that might use the 5530 such as the Mini 1010, e.g. here:-

under Communication / Dell - Application / Wireless 5530 HSPA Mini-Card. This installed correctly and fixed the 5530 which I have fitted after-market to my Studio XPS 1640.

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