Intel Tri Band M.2 18260NGW on a Dell Laptop/Tablet

Anyone tried what I have?

I have a windows 10 tablet, Dell Venue Pro 11 7140, as some may know it has two m.2 sockets, one which has a 7265 wifi card, and another for the broadband type sim...

I purchased a Intel Tri Band 18260ngw which has the clearly additional antenna pin IFCON, a nice straight swap with the 7265

Nice straight swap, and in device manager, it detected it as a 8260 card...

I had no signs of it being wigig in device manager, strange... tried all sorts, latest intel drivers, even a fresh windows 10 install and drivers, still same, 8260 detection nothing more...

I found screen shots of other laptops with tri card and I seen that there should be a device manager section added namely, intel wireless gigabit drivers section ( link to what it should have , https://www.intel.com/content/***/support/us/en/images/network-and-i-o/wireless-networking/24989_img... 

But mine only shown the intel 8260 in the Network adapters section....

So, it made me wonder why my tablet with a m.2 slot would refuse to see the intel tri band card... i even updated the venue bios to the latest as of last month

I then decided to give it a go in my main laptop, Dell Precission M4800, obviously this machine uses bigger slots, namly half height mini pcie card in the wan slot...

However I had a mPcie to NGFF key a adaptor, which allows me to fit the m.2 18260ngw card inside my m4800

again similar situation, it detects the 8260 wifi, but no wigi

Please can any experts share help

The reason I am doing this is because I am drained that the m4800 dell 1601 tri card is not supported properly in windows 10, so I have gone out my way to purchase the WLD15 dock as the d5000 is not suitable in 10.

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Re: Intel Tri Band M.2 18260NGW on a Dell Laptop/Tablet

Which antenna lead did you connect to the 3rd post (IFCON 4)?

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