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Intermittent Driver Loading DW1525 Inspiron 545s Windows7

I bought this Inspiron 545s desktop in November 2009 and this issue has persisted since that time.

When I turn the machine on I usually have to restart two or three times before the driver will load for the DW1525 wireless card.

The Event Manager shows that the driver starts to load but cannot see the DW1525 card, so the driver fails to initialize. After a couple of restarts everything works fine, the driver loads and the wireless card connects with no problem.

I have the latest driver installed. The DW1525 uses an Atheros chip and the Windows 7 driver on the Dell site comes from Atheros.

I think that the problem has something to do with the driver trying to load before the wireless card is ready to go. So I wonder about some way to delay the driver loading. Some utility to change the driver loading order so this driver loads last or loads after some time delay. Is there any way to do this?

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