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Internal Microphone not working Dell Studio 1555

A few months back I had a virus and was hearing strange noises coming from my computer, so I disables my microphone. Now, I have been unable to reinstall the appropriate drivers to get my internal microphone to work again. I have been to the Dell website and tried downloading multiple different drivers, and after it downloads, when I try to open it, a message appears which states, "Application download did not succeed. Check you network connection, or contact your system administrator or network service provider." I have full bars on my internet, so that should not be the problem. I tried chatting and emailing customer service, but my service warranty is up so I can't turn to that. Also, I am currently living in Israel with my computer that I bought in the U.S. and am wondering if there is some issue with downloading drivers to international IP addresses? I'm stumped, and would really like my microphone so that I can skype my family. Also, my webcam works just fine, it's only my microphone which not only doesn't work, but doesn't even appear when I go into devices. I would appreciate any help I can get!

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