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Internet Breakdown?

Hi. About a week ago my Internet just "broke down" out of nowhere! I used my anti-virus/spyware system, SUPERAntiSpyware (free) and it detected nothing. I have tried resetting the router and checking the modem, but there was no difference, if anything it just made it worse. When I try to connect to a Wi-Fi network, it says "No Connections Available". I tried troubleshooting it and it says something about a cable being broken, but my computer doesn't even use an Ethernet cable. I also discovered that one of my computers had Airplane Mode activated. I turned that off, but yet again, no difference. IE, Mozilla Firefox, and Google a Chrome do not work, when I launch them it says "Cannot Connect to Server". Can someone please help? My computers are an Acer (Windows 😎 and an HP 2010i, which I believe uses Windows 7, but I'm not sure. Oddly though, my mobile devices (iPhone 6 and an old iPad 2) work fine using Safari. And yes, I have launched my browsers in Safe Mode as well. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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RE: Internet Breakdown?


You list your Acer and HP systems, but do you have a Dell computer?   If so, which model is it and what OS is it running?

Not sure I can help you with specific drivers, software, etc., if you're not using a Dell system since I don't know where to find drivers for other brands but you might want to take a look at the Dell Network and Wireless Support Center.  There are quite a few useful articles and troubleshooting steps you can try, and maybe those can help you find out what the cause of the problem is.

I hope this helps.


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