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Internet Explorer and Instant Messenging Issues for Vista

A month ago, I purchased a Dell Inspirion 530 with Windows Vista Operating System. For the past few weeks, I've noticed I am constantly receiving the error message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". This happens very often when I am surfing the net. Usually a message box will pop up after this happens, that asks me if i want to try to diagnose the problem, but when i click it after a few moments i receive a response message that simply says that it "cannot diagnose the problem."

 ALSO whatever instant messaging program I use whether it is Yahoo or MSN messenger, constantly crashes. When I am in the middle of an instant message conversation Yahoo or (whatever messenger I am using) randomly signs me off. This happens every few minutes so its almost impossible to use messenger.  I do not know if this is connected to the above problem but I am at a loss for both. 

Ive been told it could be spyware or even my internet or Firewall settings, but i have not touched them or changed any of the settings since I purchased my computer. I really would not know how and am worried I can mess something up..

I also just tried to call Dell Support and the man I spoke to was unable to help me unless I purchased a Software warranty. I only purchased my PC a month ago and I guess I assumed I had a warranty for this. I cannot afford to buy a Software warranty at the moment, so now I am very frustrated!.

Is there anyone that might have any suggestions or can help me?

Thanks so much! emoticon.Smile.title



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