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Is there a way to physically disable Bluetooth on latitude e5420?

I need to take the Latitude e5420 into secure areas that do not allow wireless of any kind. OS level disable, or even BIOS disable are not acceptable. I need to brick the bluetooth transceiver. Is this possible?

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Re: Is there a way to physically disable Bluetooth on latitude e5420?

Hi calmo,

There is a wireless switch on your computer. Turn off the wireless switch to disable the wireless/bluetooth. Apart from this option, bluetooth or any other wireless radio can be disabled from either operating system or system BIOS only. In your case, you may have to remove the card manually from the system. There are three kind of wireless cards shipped with your system: Bluetooth, Broadband/Air card and Wireless. Bluetooth card is not a customer replaceable unit. However, If you want to remove the bluetooth the card from the system, you may refer to link: 


Note: Please ensure to follow safety instructions mentioned in system manual. 

Hope it helps. 

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