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Is there any mechanism that will allow me to pair Dell's Broadcom BT with Logitech's unifying software & pair with Logitech's BT dongle came with the wireless mouse?

Mine Dimension 9200 bought in 2007 with wireless keyboard & wireless mouse. It came with Dell's Broadcom BT dongle connected to a USB on my desktop.

In 2010 Dell's wireless mouse started to fail, resulting in buying a Logitech M510 wireless mouse and BT dongle. This worked in parallel with the Dell's wireless keyboard still connected & communicated through Dell's Broadcom USB dongle.

My attempt to pair my wireless-keyboard with the new Logitech's dongle through Logitech's unifying software that got installed when the wireless mouse was connected failed. It did not bother me much because my wireless mouse & wireless keyboard was working side by side without any conflict.

Last night I had upgraded my Win7 x64 Ultimate to Win 10 Pro x64.

Following this my wireless keyboard failed to be recognised but wireless mouse was working .

I could reach device manager and find Broadcom BT USB 3 with yellow an exclamation mark.

Attempt to repair failed.

Attempt to look for compatible driver was returned as the latest available had been installed (Date Microsoft's 2006)

Then I in the device manager selected to "Remove the Device" This brought another small window asking if I want to remove the driver too"-Selected yes.

Then removed the Dell BT dongle and reinserted.

This resulted in computer stared to install ?drivers I presume-I pressed the buttons on both the wireless keyboard and the BT dongle to get paired. This has worked.

My question is :

Is there any way I could get the wireless keyboard paired up with the Logitech's BT dongle that came with my Logitech's wireless mouse M510? in Windows 10?


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Re: Is there any mechanism that will allow me to pair Dell's Broadcom BT with Logitech's unifying software & pair with Logitech'

there is a device now that may help you found it on DELL... it may or may not work for your devices... check out the following dell page for the download file, and see if your equipment is on the list for using this DELL control panel.



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