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Laptops dropping ethernet connection - Win 10 issue?

I have a teaching lab full of Inspiron 7737 laptops. Over the last few weeks, we've started to notice that some of them keep losing their wired connection to the internet. It doesn't always happen to the same laptops with each instance either, but if you unplug the cable and re-plug it then the connection comes back up. If it was my personal laptop, I'd be annoyed but work around it...in a teaching lab though, I cannot  let this keep happening.

This definitely was not happening when the laptops were loaded with Windows 8 and I feel like it was not occurring when we first switched them to Windows 10. It feels like we didn't start seeing it until the Anniversary update got pushed through. My first thought was that perhaps Microsoft had updated the network driver to a glitchy version, but the one loaded is still the Realtek driver available from Dell since 10/2015.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, since I'm at a loss for ideas.

Odis - NC State University

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