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Latitude D600 blue screen

I have 2 D600's that blue screen when I try to connect to a Linksys WAP4400N. I pulled the latest driver from Dell and nothing seems to work. I even put a new HD in and loaded it, when I installed the driver for the wireless I immediatley got the blue screen. I am using other D600 series (D610, D630)  notebooks with no problems. I have a total of 9 D600 notebooks in the company. Wireless worked on my users home network so I know it has something to do with the AP in the office.  Any suggestions? IRQL_NOT_ LESS_OR_EQUAL 0X0000000A (0XF7C51950; 0X00000002; 0X00000001; 0X804D9B68)


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Re: Latitude D600 blue screen

i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is nothing you can really do. the reason this is happening is because dell decided to put a video card for a desktop (to give better clarity to the lcd screen of the lasptop) as well as a video card for the D600's. Using an external LCD monitor with Dell D610 and Dell Dock and ATI
Radeon X300 video card (on board), dell attempted to use both laptop monitor and lcd with extended desktop config the external lcd would blank out
intermittenly, atfer about 6 months of strenuous troubleshotting, dell discovered their error and replaced the Radeon X300 video card, er, well, removed it from the motherboard... the reason your d630 blue screens though beats me, because it was made after the changes, it could be you have malware on it that mimics the "blue screen." whatever it is, i found i had to replace my motherboard to resolve the problem, which has yet to return. whatever you may choose to do though, let me warn you, DELL IS NO HELP!!

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