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Latitude E5400 (Everest School Computer)

I received my school computer approx. 21/2 mos ago. I was not able to connect it to a router. I also bought a wireless connection  (AT &T) card to use...still unsuccessful most of the time. I went to the community college, knowing they have Wi Fi...still unable to connect. I understand that I am no genius when it comes to computers. I need someone to discriptively assist me with this problem I am having. I would like to continue my online courses away from home at times, however it seems the computer will not connect to any services.

I am really fustrated because I have had this computer for approx. 3 months and have been unable to connect to the internet. The computer is also extremely slow. Any help in this manner would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Latitude E5400 (Everest School Computer)

Whose router are you trying to connect to?


The only type of wireless connection card that AT&T sells is for mobile broadband. Mobile broadband costs $60/month. It is not WiFI. It should have come with software to let you connect you to the internet. I used to have this type of service. I suggest you take your laptop to an AT&T store and have them help you with this.


As for the WiFi at the local community college, it may be that it is for students only and requires username+password to log in. My local library has free WiFi, you might want to see if yours does too and see if some kind person there can help you.





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