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Latitude E5450, which WWAN cards are compatible?


Has anybody got any info on supported wwan cards for a E5450? its fairly recent, the CPU is  a i5-5300U.

I've looked inside and its definitely got a space for a  wwan card, and the necessary antenna wires and sim slot. 

From some googling it seems that the Dell Wireless 5808 is compatible, and that this is really a sierra wireless MC7355. So will any mc7355 work, or just a Dell one? There seems to be a few versions of the 5808, (5808e, dw5808), whats the difference, which one would work for me? 

Also, it seems that this card has been quite recently released and is thus rather expensive, are any other (older, cheaper) cards supported? 4G lte would be nice, but as its mostly for occasional use, 3G would be fine.

I would like to use the three networks in Sweden/UK, which seem to use bands 3,7,20,38. I'm running ubuntu 14.04, and it seems generally that the linux wwan driver support is quite good, but id need to check for specific cards.



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RE: Latitude E5450, which WWAN cards are compatible?


Just to let you know, that model originally shipped with the option for the Haswell & Broadwell: Qualcomm Gobi™ 4G LTE Wireless Card (Dell Wireless™ DW5809E) cards in Europe.  Normally, the "e" designation is for parts compatibility between the Latitude 5450 and E5450 laptops.  It designates which models are compatible with the E-series docks.  

I'm no expert on the WWAN cards in general but I would think that any card that fit the form factor of the Dell 5809E card would work, assuming the card is able to utilize the bands you listed above.  From the documentation I can access it sounds like the 5808 originally was only for sale in the US and I'm not positive that it would work in Europe.  (It doesn't list bands 3, 7, 20, or 38 in the original release specs for LTE).

Since the 5809E card uses M.2 or NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) I would not recommend using older cards that might not fit / conform to that form factor.

I hope this helps.  I am not saying the 5808E won't work in your system, I'm sure others have been able to get them to work.  But I wanted to let you know that the 5809E was what that system was designed to work with.


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