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Latitude E5500 Wireless

I have a latitude E5500 laptop and it is my work computer.  I used to be able to log onto my home network and now after trying to get on a hotel network I can't get on my home network.  there is another network i am picking up and it has a very low single and i can access that network but not my personal network at home.  Any suggestions?  

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RE: Latitude E5500 Wireless


It sounds like your wireless profiles have become corrupted.  Those profiles are sort of like internet cookies that contain data that control access, etc. My suggestion is to delete those wireless profiles.  You don't mention which version of Windows that you're running on your E5500 so I can't link a direct support article for you but if you google "Delete wireless profiles Windows XX" you should find plenty of explanations on how to delete them. 

Once you've deleted the profiles simply reboot your system and look for available networks, find your home network, and reconnect.  That will build a new wireless profile for your system to use moving forward.

If you have any questions or need any additional help please let me know what version of Windows you have on the system, as well as the wireless card you're using.  Also, to help me troubleshoot easier, please right click on my Dell Todd username and send me a private message with the Dell Service tag of your Latitude E5500.  Please keep all troubleshooting discussions here on this public thread so that others can see what we do to solve this issue.

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