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Latitude E7440 - WIFI won't turn back on after closing the laptop's lid

Hi everyone,

As followed by many guides, here and outside of Dell support, it seems I couldn't find a solution that actually works.

Whenever I close the lid of my laptop, and then come back (doesn't matter if it's 5 minutes or 50 minutes), the wifi won't connect me. It needs me to enable/disable the adapter on the device manager.

For now, I have:

Changed settings on "Power settings", just tried alot of different settings, nothing worked ("Choose what closing the lid does", Plan editing including the different modes of sleep and etc)

Looked at the power management of the adapter itself, nothing changed when touched there.

How do I edit this behavior? I just want the WIFI to be connected even with the lid is close. If that's not possible then at least reconnect normally once lid is open again.

Thanks a million.


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RE: Latitude E7440 - WIFI won't turn back on after closing the laptop's lid

Hi EuropeCP,


Thanks for the post. Our BIOS team discovered an issue like what you are describing, the wireless radio controls not restarting after the E7440’s LCD is closed. This was addressed in BIOS update A10 linked below.



Dell Latitude E7440 System BIOS - Version A10, A10


Fixes & Enhancements

- Addressed no warning message in DPM when attaching "Unable to Communicate" battery to system.
- Fixed SD/MMC card incorrectly showing as Express card in boot menu.
- Fixed LAN with PXE feature under Wake on LAN is not working as expected if the boot orders of other devices are higher than LAN's.
- Addressed WWAN Wireless Radio Control Disable token issue.
- Addressed some BT device can't be disabled in BIOS setup.
- Fixed display switch issue on DVI/CRT in BIOS setup menu.
- Addressed IRST being disabled when admin password is set.
- Addressed password bypass feature not functional when reboot.
- Fixed remote secure erase issue with hybrid/SSD drive.
- Fixed LCD keeps on with lid closed when secure boot is enable.
- Keyboard input improvement
- Fixed wireless connection loss when panel is closed.



Updating to BIOS version A10 or a more recent update should resolve the issue and allow the wireless to resume normal functionality after putting the system to sleep or closing the lid. I would also suggest making sure the latest wireless card and chipset drivers are installed from the support site.

RE: Latitude E7440 - WIFI won't turn back on after closing the laptop's lid


i am having similar issues with my Dell Latitude E7440. i have seen forums and updated to latest BIOS version A14, A14. and i have latest chipset and wifi drivers. but still experiencing same problem.

any advise on how to fix this issue?

Kind regards,


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RE: Latitude E7440 - WIFI won't turn back on after closing the laptop's lid

Hello - my boss is having the same issue suddenly.  Now it also happens when he locks his computer (not even just closing the lid).  He has 

Dell 17.3" Touchscreen Laptop - Silver Touch (Intel Core i7-5500U/1TB HDD/12GB RAM/Windows 8.1)

Model #: i7737T-7781SLV

He has also been getting limited connection when he is finally able to connect, and this lasts at least for 30sec - 1min (but before all these issues of losing connectivity he would be stuck on the limited connection indefinitely until we did a reboot of the router).  We just bought this computer at the beginning of March.  

Can somebody tell me how to fix this?  I already tried Dell's troubleshoot of how to fix limited wi-fi connectivity issue in Win 8.1 to no avail.