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MS Bluetooth 5000 Mouse stops working... After every reboot

I have a DELL Lattitude E5530.  It's only a few months old, but this wireless mouse thing is KILLING me.
I fibbed a little in the subject, actually it does work about 20% of the time after a reboot.
My Bluetooth driver says it is 380 Bluetooth 4.0 Module.  Manufacture ID 15.  HCI: 6.4312  LMP: 6.8718

I have disabled the "allow the computer to turn off this device" although that cannot be the problem anyway, because it is only on startup.

So, here's the deal:

I pair the mouse to the PC, and it works.  All day and all night.  (The mouse served me faithfully on my old Toshiba for something like 5 years - NOT a mouse hardware issue...  and the Toshiba laptop is retired, so there is not another device competing for this mouse).

I reboot the laptop... No mouse. I log into WIN 7, switch the mouse off and on, spend 15 minutes cycling the WiFi switch on the laptop, cycling the power on the mouse. yada yada yada.. *Sometimes* it manages to reconnect.  Other times I have to reboot the whole laptop, or even remove the mouse from the devices, reset the mouse into pairing mode, and start from scratch.

On the mouse, sometimes the little green light comes on, and immediately goes out, after 2 seconds.

On the mouse, sometimes the little green light comes on, and slowly fades to off after about 10 seconds (this was the behavior I saw when I used it with the previous laptop)

On the mouse, sometimes the little green light comes on, just stays on permemantly.

None of these conditions are described in the MS manual.

When paring finally does happen, it works until I shut down the machine.  And the little green light is off, as expected.

Additionally, sometimes it randomly stops working.  Although I have a 90% chance of it resuming...  Sometimes just by waiting, sometimes by cycling power on the mouse.

I honestly *DRED* starting this laptop and trying to use the mouse.  I know I am in for 10-15 minutes of total frustration.

Any ideas?  Any suggestions?  Any way to lower my blood pressure on this?

-Scott Weber

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