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Modem and Network card help

Hi all,

When I connect online using my modem it dials to my provider than connects and is online, but I can't receive any information nor send any.  I look at the data transfer and it's always low and the page just says reload or something similar.  Then I went over to my friend's house and used his DSL and hooked it up to my network card and it didn't work also.  My modem and network use to work perfect but it's been a year since.  Any advice?

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Re: Modem and Network card help

Do you have your DUN setup correctly with the correct DNS numbers for your ISP? Check for a current telephone number to your ISP & update your modem driver. Scan for viruses & spyware.
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Re: Modem and Network card help

And if that doesn't work, you may want to reinstall your operating system. Had the same problem before. I reinstalled  the drivers, scanned for viruses and no viruses were found. Tried a registry edit. None worked.

And if reinstalling your windows still doesn't help, then it's a bad card! 

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