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My Dell D610 Latitude will not connect to LAN while in its docking station, or standalone when without external power

HI, perhaps anyone can help?

I have a D610 Latitude running XP Professional Service pack 3 and a standard Dell docking station (maybe type PR01X).

Two problems trying to connect to a wired LAN via the Broadcom NetXtreme 57xx driver to the laptop:

1. When using the laptop standalone, without the mains supply/external power plugged in, the LAN network plugged into the laptop is always disabled, 
    Attempting to enable it only shows 'Connection Failed'.  Note If I have the external supply plugged into the laptop, it works OK!
    (In the power options under the Broadcom driver properties I unticked the box allowing the computer to disable the driver for power saving,
but still get the same problem)

2. If I dock the laptop into its station and then plug the LAN cable into the station's own LAN port, then find I cannot connect to the LAN, and yet again fail to Enable the wired network connection, despite the laptop being powered via the station.

Very grateful for any suggestions,

Thank you,


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