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My studio xps 9100 desktop wont connect to internet

HELP!!!! my desktop suddenly disconnected from my wifi. I am using a Wireless- N Dual Band from Netgear to make my desktop be able to connect to my wifi. And i have tried disconnecting the usb drive from the computer but it still wont work.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem please help me

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RE: My studio xps 9100 desktop wont connect to internet


Did your system crash, or maybe your web browser suddenly stopped working when you noticed you can't connect to the internet anymore?  What happens when you try to pull up a webpage?   Are you connecting to your wireless router at all but are unable to pull up pages?  Or is your system saying that you can't connect to your network?

What version of Windows are you running on that system?  And what model of Netgear USB adapter are you trying to use?

One thing you might want to try, if it was something that started at a defined point in time, is to try restoring your system to a previous point in time using a Restore Point.   Doing that is slightly different in each version of Windows but you can google "restore to a previous point in time" along with your version of Windows and find directions on how to do it.

If that doesn't help please answer the above questions and I'll see what else we can suggest to help you resolve this problem.


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