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My wireless is screwed...

Ive got an Inspiron 1545 laptop. Its been nearly two years, not a single problem, but then i started having problems related to my ADSL internet, the router seemed to work fine, but my laptop did not find any networks, so i uninstalled the driver, updated to whichever was available. It still did not work, then by some means, i accidently disabled the wireless card, its a Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini-Card. And for some shitty reason, i am not being able to enable the wireless adapter again, ive tried it all, everything that has crossed my mind from diagnostics to reinstalling driver...everything. Its been two days, and im getting anxious, i am trying to avoid the format-the-computer process, so please do help me. 

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Re: My wireless is screwed...


Welcome to the Community. On a few systems there is a wireless switch on the left or right side, make sure its turned on. I also suggest you check if the wireless is enabled in the Bios, by pressing the F2 key at the Dell Logo on startup, move down to wireless, and make sure wifi is enabled.

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