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Netgear Router Login Password Reset

Now as you have set up your home router via router login Netgear, you might think to change the www:// Netgear credentials. This is to enhance the security of your network. Generally, the default admin password is very ordinary to guess. It increases the risk of your network security which makes it easier for others including intruders to get access to your network. Hence, you must keep updating the credentials from time to time. For changing these credentials, you need to get access to router login Netgear portal using your current login username and Netgear router login password.

Just type the IP address of your router on the address bar or search bar of web browser and press enter. Once you are on the portal, tap on “ADVANCED” option and then on “ADMINISTRATION”. Here you will find the option of “set password”. Type in your old Netgear admin password and the new Netgear router login password in the prompted boxes. Click on “Apply”.

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Re: Netgear Router Login Password Reset

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