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New Dell Inspiron 3543 Wi-Fi weak strength..


I purchased for my father a new Dell Inspiron 3543 i3543-4975BLK Signature Edition Laptop from the Microsoft online store. The OS is Windows 10. The problem we are having is it has poor signal strength. The model wireless adapter is: Dell Wireless 1704 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) .. It can be about 6 feet away from the router and have three bars. We called the Dell support and the technician went through a few things. But then of those things helped. I'm hoping there is some solution so we don't have to return it.

Anyone have some suggestions on how to fix this?

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RE: New Dell Inspiron 3543 Wi-Fi weak strength..


Unfortunately there can be a couple things that could be effecting the signal strength you're seeing.  Can you tell us what the Dell tech had you try so far so that we don't duplicate what has already been tried?   Did they have you update the driver in your system?  What about update the firmware on your router that you're connecting to?  (Another question, have you tried the system with other wireless networks and do you see the weak signal strength at all times or just on this one?)

Here are a couple of support articles you might want to check out:

Wireless Networking for the Home for Windows 10

Resolving Connection Issues on Your Wi-Fi Network for Windows 10

Dell's Networking and Wireless Support Center

A few last things I would recommend checking (if none of the above helps) would be to try turning off the software settings on your wireless router to see if that helps improve performance.  (Just as a test, make sure you turn them back on), try turning off Bluetooth and see if that helps with your signal strength, and, lastly, try checking to see if the wireless antennas are securely connected to the wireless card.  (The tech should have had you check this, and you can find the user manuals on our support pages to see how to check the wireless card). 

I hope one of these articles, or tests, helps figure out what is causing the low signal strength.  These issues can be very difficult to troubleshoot but hopefully we'll figure it all out for you.


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