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New Inspiron 1545 won't connect to cable internet


My week old Inspiron 1545 doesn't want to connect to the Internet.  I am on a cable modem with Charter, a company that provides dynamic IP addresses.  The laptop fails to recognize the connect (even though my other PC does, so there is no problem with modem or cable).  I have Win 7.   I spent the first day on the phone to Dell, and they had no solution.  In frustration, I reversed the cable on the modem, rebooted, and voila, I was able to connect, the laptop sensed the connection immediately.  Ran great for a couple of days, but when I made the mistake of re-connecting my PC, I have not been able to get the laptop back on.  Is this a Win 7 issue (seems to insist on a password/username environment which Charter doesn't need)?

Any advice would be more than welcome.

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