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New Inspiron 20 W8 can't connect using wifi to my router but can connect to other close by connections.

We just purchased a all in one Inspiron 2020 last week and tried to set it up on Friday and have had no luck so far getting it to connect to our own Motorola router that we use though AT&T. It tells me I have a limited connection and we have no internet access.

I have connected through are neighbor's unsecured connection and installed Microsoft Office 2010, which now I wish I hadn't since I'm thinking I might have to return this computer and get something else. This is a company computer and I shouldn't have to spend so much time for something that should be simple enough to get started. It has Windows Firewall and I installed Trend Micro Titanium anti-virus which required me to uninstall the McAfee software that came with the Dell. I thought that could have something to do with it but I realized I had already had to connect to the neighbor's internet because I couldn't connect to ours so the problem already occurred.

When I plug an ethernet cable straight into the computer we still have to internet access so I am stumped what the problem is. We have two other computers that are set up as wireless that have no problems although they are MACs.

I have gotten a couple of different messages at different points from the Dell. Yesterday was the first day it said the wifi didn't have a IP configured but didn't tell me what to do and I also get a reason 0x00028001 why it can not connect.

When I am looking at the networks in the control panel it doesn't show two separate active networks, one for the wireless and one for the modem/router the the my working one at home does where you could click either. It just has one side that has unidentified private network where you can't click anything and the other side is what network is called but shows not connected.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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