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PowerConnect 6224

I'm having a little issue with my new PowerConnect 6224 Layer 3 switch. There's no tutorial on how to set it up. I entered some commands via the cli to give my management through the web interface, and seem to be going round in circles trying to configure it.
Vlan 1  (default) has an ip range 192.168.0.x allocated to it and the management of the switch is done through
I want my training rooms to be allocated seperate ip subnets from each other so they don't interfere with each other (presumably by vlan) but to be able to connect out to the internet via an adsl router (Netgear DG834), running on (default)
I thought it would be a simple case of assigning ip addresses to the ports of the 6224 to reflect those classrooms. Each port from the 6224 goes down to a classroom switch (PowerConnect 2324)
I've created  I've allocated ip addresses to my training rooms 192.168.1.x - for  room 1, 192.168.2.x for room 2 etc, by creating vlans for each room, and allocating network addresses for the vlans, and ip addresses allocated to the ports.
From a pc I can ping all the default gateways on the switch, for room 1 and for room2 etc, but not the switch now the netgear router. (The netgear ruoter does have return routes in it's routing table though)
Any ideas anyone, or direct me to somewhere where I can learn what I am doing wrong?
Many thanks in advance.
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Re: PowerConnect 6224

You would probably get a faster and more informed response from other users familiar with the PowerConnect line if you posted on the PowerConnect forum:
Good luck getting some help over there.
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