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Problem on Dell driver download page


I've noticed a problem on all computers on our domain when you go to the Dell driver dowload page. The problem happens when you select the model it gives you the option to select the Operating System, however when you make your selection of the operating system it doesn't refresh the page with your O/S selection.


For example when you first open the page to download drivers for the E6400, it will default the O/S selection to Windows Vista, and when you click the drop down page and select Windows XP, nothing happens.

I've noticed this problem for all models of laptops on the site, has anyone else seen this issue and know how to fix it? I'm guessing it's a problem just on our network.

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Re: Problem on Dell driver download page

Hi clemmief ,

Referring to your post, I tried to download few drivers and applications for Latitude E6400 and I was able to categorize them based on the operating system. It seems to be working fine. Let me provide you with the link for the same and please try the below mentioned steps. If it doesn’t work please try to use a different internet browser and follow the same steps.


• Please open the link with an internet browser.

• Select the Operating system from the first drop down menu.

• Select the Category from the second drop down menu.

• Once you select the Operating system and the Category please click anywhere on the page other than the hyperlinks.

• You will be able to see the options changing and will let you download the drivers accordingly.

Please feel free to reply in case you need any further assistance on the same.

Thanks & Regards

Swapnajan MC


Thanks and regards,
Swapnajan MC

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