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Problem with memory ram, BIOS and all (HELP PLIS)

Hi everyone i have a big problem, I format my computer almsot 4 mounth ago and i have 1256 memory of ram but it say i have 256. The L2 Cache Zise say 256 and it dont work i put more but it not change what i need to do? I use the "EVEREST Home Edition" and it say i have FREE VERSION  motherboard,etc,and i cant do nothing Smiley Frustrated. I feel crazy.

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Re: Problem with memory ram, BIOS and all (HELP PLIS)

the L2 cache memory is hard coded into the processor and is not the same as system ram. There is no way to increase the L2 cache memory except by replacing the processore as this is memory that is built into the processor.System ram can be increased to the maximum that is allowed for your model

I am not quite sure what the real point is you are trying to get  accross with your post. But it will help if you povide your Dell model number and the operating system you are running.

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Re: Problem with memory ram, BIOS and all (HELP PLIS)

i think you using two ram.

256MB and 1GB

is it k

1GB ram is not properly inserted that's may your problem check it ...

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