Problems with bluetooth audio system on Inspiron 7720


I've been recommended to post my problem here since I get no reasonable answer on Audio forum.

Few day ago I bought my first Dell laptop (Inspiron 7720) and I can't make my bluetooth audiosystem (Logitech Mini Boombox) to work. I've got positive experience on Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Xi2550 and on HP Compaq 6530b, where I had to just download another drivers for widdcomm bt adapter. I tried to do this trick o this computer, but I get only three bluetooth peripheral devices, which I can't install, because there is no driver for them. What shoud I do to make audio transfer through A2DP to work?

Bluetooth drivers are working, I am able to pair the device. Problem is in instalation of all services.


Like I said, I had a similar problem no HP Compaq 6530b. Supposedly Windows 7 don't carry support of A2DP protocol, so I found original Widdcomm drivers BTW_6.2.0.9700 and with them I've got it to work.

So on this Dell laptop, when MS drivers and Dell drivers can't work with this audio device, I tried to use Widdcomm drivers in version mentioned above and in current version of but the result is the same, except I don't see just 3 bluetooth peripheral devices but only two and moreover there is Bluetooth Remote Control and Bluetooth Hands-free Audio. So I know, I'm on the right path but not quiet there yet.

Thank you for your replies and pardon my english.

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Re: Problems with bluetooth audio system on Inspiron 7720

No one here won't help me? Advices from the other thread seems to be just dead end Smiley Sad


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