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REQ Help: Problem Installing Intel 7260 HMWWB Wireless AC card in Dell Latitude E6500

Hello I have a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop, running Windows 7 64bit.

This laptop originally had a Dell Wireless 1397 WLAN Mini Card (wifi g) (Broadcom Chipset) installed in it and it worked fine.

I decided to upgrade to wifi ac, and thus purchased an Intel Dual Band wireless AC 7260 card (link)

I physically uninstalled the old Dell 1397 WLAN mini card, and replaced it with the new Intel 7260 AC card.The physical installation of the card was very simple, and i had no issues.

Once Ibooted into windows I then installed the latest Intel ProSet drivers for the Intel 7260 ac card obtained from the Intel website.

The  Intel 7260 drivers installed successfully (according to the Intel installer). 

Windows could now properly see the card in device manager, which also reported that the device was working properly. The new Intel 7260 adapter could also be seen within windows network connections with a status of "enabled"

So at first glance it would appear as if everything was fine.. that is until i actually tried to use the card to connect to anything. Upon trying to connect windows will report the following issue in the network troubleshooters advanced details section "Windows couldn't automatically bind the IP protocol stack to the network adapter"

Also when I run the intel ProSet diagnostics application I get the following error under the hardware category "Wireless Hardware is not bound to transport driver". And the ProSet Application cannot see the intel 7260 card (even though it is present in device manager).

So i did some reading and found a Dell latitude manual which stated that in order to install Intel ProSet that i would have to uncheck wifi from the Dell Control Point Connection manager (DCPCM), and then Uninstall The DCPCM and the Old Dell 1397 WLAN mini card driver. I did notice that DCPCM could not see the new intel 7260 AC card. So i went ahead and physically removed my new intel 7260 AC card, along with ProSet, and physically re-installed the old Dell 1397 WLAN mini card. Upon booting back into windows, it once again recognized the old Dell card, and allowed me to enter DCPCM and uncheck wifi. Upon doing that i uninstalled DCPCM, and then uninstalled the Dell 1397 WLAN mini card drivers. I then physically removed the Dell card and once again replaced it with my new Intel 7260 card, and then once again installed the intel ProSet drivers.

However even after removing the old Dell 1397 driver and DCPCM i ended up with the exact same problem whereby windows sees my intel 7260 ac card in device manager and in the network adapters however Proset and Network troubleshooting still give the exact same errors.

I searched online for information on the Proset and Windows network troubleshooter error messages, and found a few forums where people said to try ntsh ip and winsock resets, which i tried  yet these resets did not help.

Other ideas suggested on various forums was to check to make sure that my WLAN AutoConfig service was running. I checked and confirmed that it was running and on automatic startup..So that also did not help.

I also tried uninstalling the intel ProSet application and driver package, and then installed the driver only package (without ProSet) and this made no difference.

So as of right now I can see the new intel 7260 ac card in device manager, and it says its working properly. Also within my Dell Latitude Bios i can also see "Intel wireless" under the wireless section, so the bios sees the card. However for some reason i cannot use the card to connect to anything.

I have run out of ideas, so i have come here to see if anyone knows how i can get my new intel 7260 ac card to work in my Dell Latitude E6500?

I did find a website where someone else successfully installed the exact same intel 7260 card within an old 6410 (mine is 6500) latitude laptop, without any issues, so i hope that it would work in mine too?


I physically removed my Solid State Drive, and replaced it with a spare Hard Drive.

I then did a fresh install of windows 7 64bit , and did all the windows updates.

I did not install any Dell drivers or software, windows update appeared to have all the drivers i needed since the only thing missing a driver in device manager was my new Intel 7260 ac card.

I then installed the Intel 7260 ac card driver, using the driver only package (no proset) from the intel website.

And guess what.. the card worked perfectly fine.

So this confirms that this intel 7260 ac card can work on my dell latitude e6500, and that there is no white list issue. Thus the problem keeping it from working on my main OS SSD has to be windows or software issue, that surely must be fixable.

Unfortunately i do not have the will or patience to completely re-do my main OS setup with programs etc.. on my SSD.

SO back to my issue.. which is how can i get this Intel 7260 ac card working on my main OS and SSD, there must be some fix that i just cant find to solve the two errors that i reported above. 

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RE: REQ Help: Problem Installing Intel 7260 HMWWB Wireless AC card in Dell Latitude E6500

Does anyone know of any other DELL tech support forum where i can post my issue?


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