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Renesas USB 3, Rear Port, WIndows 10 Pro, Intermittent

I recently purchased a Dell Precision T-5600 running Windows 10 Pro. It did not come with a wireless network card, so I acquired a wireless Netgear USB 3.0 network adaptor, model A6210. Plugging the device into the rear USB 3.0 port (marked with an "S"), the device worked immediately even though the so-called drivers on the enclosed CD reported it was "unable to detect device."

Nevertheless, when my computer goes to sleep, the computer reports an error code 43 in regards to the Renesas USB 3,0 eXtensible Host Controller. I am forced to uninstall the device and restart the computer in order for it to work again.

Is this a Netgear thing, or a Microsoft thing?

Can anyone help? I have to admit, it is really annoying.

Thank you in advance. I suppose I could purchase a wireless network card and bypass the rear 3.0 port all together, however, I am reading that a lot of users are experiencing similar issues when their computer goes to sleep.

Thank you!

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I know this is old, but it may still help someone out there: I fixed this by installing this old driver from Dell.

The driver works fine on Windows 10 even though it's for Windows Vista/7, and even though the T5600 is not mentioned as a compatible device.

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