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Router resets each night after midnight.

My belkin router resets every night a little after midnight.  Not always at midnight.  May be 1,5 8, 15, etc minutes after.  Have to reload software in computer to get it back up.  Did not always do this.  What can be the problem?  Sometimes drops out at other times.  Router does not go off and there are no detectable power flickers.  Doesn't matter if desktop is on or not.  Somebody help me, I am going nutts.

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Re: Router resets each night after midnight.

I am having the same problem with a netgear router, im a bit paranoid it might be a trojan or something hahaha T_T


I would love to see an answer to this even if its not my router's brand, so shameless bump Smiley Sad / resurrection

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Re: Router resets each night after midnight.



Are you using an ISP modem/router and a wireless router?


I suspect they both might be using the same ip address.



Please follow the steps to change the ip address of the Netgear router.

1. Connect the modem into the internet/wan port of the router. (The port that is closest to the antenna.)
2. Connect your computer into any of the lan ports on the router.
3. Plug the power cable into the router.
4. You should see 3 lights on the router (power, internet and lan connection).
5. Now, take out the power cable from the router and from the modem also. And plug the power back to the router, just to the router.
6. You should see 2 lights on the router (power and lan connection).
7. Open Internet explorer and in the address box type or and hit enter.
8. This will take you to the basic settings page of the router.
9. Click on apply button on the bottom.
10. Login to the router (User Name = admin Password = password unless you have changed it).
11. Click on LAN IP SETUP on the left hand side.
12. Change the lan ip address or local ip address to and click on apply.
13. This will give you page cannot be displayed.
14. Now, connect take out the power cable form the router.
15. Plug the power cable to the modem and wait for the modem to come up properly, and when the modem is up then plug the power cable to the router.
16. Go back to the computer and try to access the Internet.

You can use the setup wizard or manually configure it yourself.





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