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Router to PC Distance

My PC is located in a remote upstairs location. I ran 35 feet of telephone wire for DSL. Now I want to go FIOS. But the FIOS cable is too thick for my 35 foot run. So I want to go wireless. But I am concerned about the distance between the router and the PC and the number of walls and surfaces between the router and PC. Or must the router be located relatively close to the PC. I'm told that the maximum distance between a router and a PC is 8 feet. Then they still have to run a long cable from the FIOS box to the router which may be next to the PC..  Any guidance on this FIOS installation will be appreciated. Verizon isn't too helpful. What is the max distance and number of surfaces,

Dimension 8250  Windows XP SP2


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Re: Router to PC Distance

Maximum distance for any CAT 5 segment is 100 meters.  Keep you same setup and use the telephone wire to pull thru CAT 5, terminate it, and put a simple switch where the new machine is to go.
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